Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nature lover

I could take a thousand photos of pretty, dull landscapes just because they should be photographed. I've been taking photos of my village since the age of 10 maybe and I am still fascinated by this place. Actually these photos are not from my village, this was a short one day stop on my way back to Athens from it. Overcoming my dilemma of having to return to Athens by bus for 7 hours I followed the rest of my family to Grevena and this is what I found, a snowy surprise.
Never say no to even one day trips.
(What about two day trips?)


Anonymous said...

You're such a creative person, I admire you for that. Don't ever change. Keep flowing with the wind =)

Stav *

kaeri said...

Weeell, thank you Stav! =)

kaeri said...

hahaha nice xD

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