Thursday, December 29, 2011

Street poetry

"Monday I get it. But Saturday? Is it possible you not loving me on Saturday?"
Is it?

"We'll never dance to drum 'n' bass holding each other baby."
A sad realization.

"No matter how many clothes you buy, I'll always picture you naked."

"Where have you been?"

"Wake up the ones that are asleep. Let the ones that are dreaming..."

Demanding a "Right to boredom"

Having watched a movie about the history, the action and the travels of a graffiti group from Berlin, named "1up", yesterday night, I revised the collection of Greek graffiti on the web and these are some of the many out there. By some people graffiti is considered just dirt on the walls, by some others art, but I don't know, I consider it as some kind of an awakening. Just walking on the street, sitting on the bus, hanging out at a park and there you have it, an awakening from your ordinary thoughts, a remind of something or just a subject to talk about. Personally I prefer the (tastefully)colorful ones and the ones with some kind of meaning, but hey, who knows what is tasteful or not and which is the meaning that a graffiti should have?

Trailer of the movie that "awakened me from my ordinary thoughts":

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